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London today has become an iconic landmark for businesses, tourists and travellers alike. Being home to a sum 8.2 million people it can sometimes be quite challenging finding exactly what you’re after. As corporations move in and develop derelict land the City of London is changing vastly.

London has several key areas where businesses, retailers and corporation have taken over and set up offices in London. Carving the price in renting properties it’s become ever so hard to land a spot in central London and businesses are now seeking other alternatives to get their company in this iconic city. The Team here at Rent An Office, have hundreds of offices to choose from. Please use our Office Enquiry form on the Left Side of our website to submit your office requirements.

Regent Street and Oxford Street, famously known to retailers is one of London’s busiest shopping areas (aside from a physical shopping centre like Westfield in Stratford!) With retailers literally bidding on the property rent prices it’s incredibly for small businesses to get their services and shops into the public eye. However if a business is willing to accept a lower footfall they can still be in for a chance. Renting a property on a smaller ally or side street off of Regent Street and Oxford Street can still bring in shoppers on a daily basis.

Jewelers The Fine Gift Co. have done just that, and whilst their stock is 100% hand made, high quality and unique it’s still hard to convince shoppers that they have something worthy to offer. Situated on a side street just outside Bond Street Station rent prices are still extremely high but no where near the cost of some shops like Apple, Topshop and River Island.

Moving away from the retail area of London you can find yourself lost in an abundance of glass sky scrappers, men in suits and briefcases galore. There are a few key areas to London’s corporate scene.

Mayfair – being a royal and high valued area to rent an office. To a potential rental customer if you’re business address ends with Mayfair then you’re company must have some value, reputation and success.

City of London – is the district most known for financial services. Finance is one of the UK’s largest exports. In the City of London offices such as St Mary’s Axe (also known as the Gerkin) can be incredibly useful to a financial company. Trying to find an office to rent in this location can be troublesome as large corporations have already taken over a lot of the property space. But there is still for small businesses serviced off space available.

When it comes to trying to find office space, for large or small businesses there is always a solution. You can rent serviced offices, or even rent virtual offices in London. You just have to know where to look. A great starting place could be an office provider such as The Office Providers. With over 2400 serviced and un-serviced offices for rent, there has to be a property that suits your businesses.

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